Monster click, represented by NIZE Media, Dammstrasse 2 in 49084 Osnabrück sees itself as a partner program for affiliates from various platforms, which are also developed by the NIZE Media for end-user companies. These general terms and conditions ("AGB") govern the contractual provisions between MonsterClick and Affiliates, which operate their own Internet sites and cooperate with Affiliates within the affiliate program.


1. The contractual partner of these terms and conditions is a monster click and the respective affiliate (webmaster and co-operation partner), who cooperate with MonsterClick as part of the affiliate program. 2. Only adult persons are accepted as an affiliate. By accepting the terms, the affiliate assures and declares that he is of age.


Object of the contract
1. The affiliates operate their websites independently and independently of each other. The partnership does not constitute an employment relationship, a company or a community, none of the parties is authorized to act on behalf of the other party and / or to accept these offers or make statements.

2. Application processing and refusal MonsterClick is authorized to refuse registrations made via the partner's link if they do not meet the requirements of online registration. In such cases, there is no commission claim by the affiliate. Furthermore, MonsterClick is entitled to block members or to cancel their account at MonsterClick. This also applies as an immediate termination of the affiliate. From the date of the termination, all claims for commission of the affiliate for the sales effected by the terminated member cease to apply.

3. Remuneration The partner's right to compensation shall only apply if the registration is made directly via the REF link (tracking link). MonsterClick captures all sales of members who register using special links between the Affiliates' website and the MonsterClick projects. Any errors in the monthly statistics must be displayed in writing. MonsterClick is authorized to correct the online and monthly statistics in the event of misuse or technical defects, the Affiliate will be informed immediately and in detail. The Affiliate is prohibited from passing on the commissions paid by Monster Klick or parts thereof to the visitor, who has registered by the link of the partner, or to pay the visitor in any other way. The partner receives a credit memo based on the monthly statement posted by the monster click on the last day of the subsequent month. The payout will only take place after a minimum payment of 20.00 euros. The balance is retained without interest until the minimum amount is reached. The affiliate is obligated to duly tax the received commission payments. The affiliate must submit proof of purchase and proof of taxation to the Leadstar, so that the VAT amounts can be paid out.


Responsibility for content
The respective provider of the online offer is solely responsible for all content and information (eg texts, pictures, videos) which the user refers to in the context of the use of the respective online offer. Only the person from whom the content originates is responsible for all content and information (eg texts, music, data, pictures, sounds, software, videos) that the user refers to in the context of the use of the respective online offer.


1. Monster-click does not guarantee minimum commissions and is not liable for loss of commission, especially due to lack of operational availability or disruption of the internet offer or technical facilities. MonsterClick is only liable for intentional or grossly negligent behavior, but not for a lost profit or non-recoverable charges. The liability is limited to foreseeable damages. This also applies in favor of the employees and fulfillment aids of MonsterClick.

2. The Affiliate shall be liable for violations of these Terms of Participation or other obligations. It is solely responsible for the development, operation and maintenance of its website, as well as for all material which appears on the website. That no violations, discriminatory statements or representations regarding religion, race, gender, nationality or disability may appear on the website. (Including, but not limited to, copyrights and trademarks, general rights of personality, or other rights), and that any material displayed on its website is neither abusive, defamatory nor otherwise unlawful. No viruses, spam emails, Trojan horses or other harmful content. Furthermore, the partner assures that the operation of his website fulfills the above requirements and that he is liable for the above assurances. The Partner indemnifies Leadstar from all claims which may be claimed by third parties for the purpose of breaching their rights in connection with this Agreement. The costs of the defense are borne by the partner. It must enable the MonsterClick to counter third party claims at its expense. For breaches of the provisions of this contract, the partner commits a contractual penalty to pay monster click. The assertion of further claims is expressly reserved. The partner is obliged to observe the applicable data protection act.


Term of Termination / Termination
The agreement within the framework of the partner program is concluded indefinitely. Cancellation is possible for both contracting parties at any time and requires the written form (by letter or fax). In the attempt to manipulate the affiliate program of monsterclick or the violation of the contract (especially in the case of violation of rights of third persons or other legal regulations), an immediate blocking of the partner occurs. The acquired credit is not paid to the affiliate. Upon termination of this Agreement, all affiliates' rights to use under this Agreement will expire from the advertisements, communications, and other representations provided by MonsterClick. With the effectiveness of the termination, the commission claim ceases to exist. Any claims for compensation shall remain until the date of the termination of the contract.


contract changes
Finally, this Agreement restricts the content of the contractual arrangements between the parties and supersedes all possible agreements between the parties relating to the contract items. This does not include any collateral agreements, also non-verbal. Changes or supplements must be made in writing. The same applies to a waiver of the written form requirement.


Changes to the Terms and Conditions will be communicated to affiliates by e-mail. If the client does not terminate after 14 days, the terms and conditions shall be deemed accepted.


The parties agree that the data exchanged, exchanged or otherwise obtained in the framework of the contractual relationship, with the exception of publicly available data, shall be deemed to be a business secrecy to third parties. This also applies to the termination of the contract. In the event of infringement of this provision, the claims for damages shall be based on the partner.


The court is Osnabrück, Germany.

Date: 16.10.2017